Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dead Links and More

I apologize to the readers of my blog that I haven't been uploading at all and that many of the links no longer work. I will fix that in the next few days and hopefully post some new things. Most of the first half of the year was spent working on my thesis which I thankfully completed in May, while the rest of the year has been a time to delve into more material for future posts. I have tried to make my blog a mixture of genres and styles and not just appeal to one group of people per se, but if the readers have an opinion on which type of my posts they like better, feel free to share.


  1. hey Mystic, looking forward seeing more of your music around!
    really appreciate your uploads!

  2. Hey Mystic, I really appreciate the work here on this blog. every album is/was wonderful, I realy enjoyed it. PLEASE start posting again! You would make us all happy! Have a nice day..