Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Philosophy

I know it's been awhile since I last posted and reviewed an album. One thing you might not consider is that when you start a blog the material you have in your "immediate consciousness" will soon dwindle until the point where you have "digest" new albums. I could review albums as I listen to them, but I don't think the product would be quite as good. I like to have an "intimate relationship" with an album; I will listen to it intently for a few weeks. This way I know more than the songs that stand out. I can actually dissect the musical elements of the piece, rather than talk about the album in poetic terms reinforced by my own emotional aestheticism. The month of August has been so spotty due to my need to listen to more material at a rate that I was posting, which really isn't possible. I do have posts planned month in advance, but there's a reason I'm not posting them now. I try to have a decent mixture, so I won't post two albums by the same artist a week apart from each other. All this being said, you should expect another album by the end of the week and at least two by Thursday next week.

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